Debt Elimination - The Power Of Focus

Sunlight falls around us every day, even through the clouds. Though the sunlight produces some heat, objects illuminated by the sun’s light do not catch fire. Now, if you were to take a magnifying glass and focus the rays of the sun directly onto an object, that object would soon begin to smoke and catch fire. Notice that the sun did not produce any additional energy, but rather the existing energy was redirected and focused onto a target. Take a larger magnifying glass, and the object may burst into flames using the same amount of light. This simple analogy describes how debt should be targeted and quickly eliminated.

Many people believe they need to earn more money before deciding to eliminate their debt. Don’t waste time waiting until you have more money, simply redirect what you already have- now!

If you are a working adult, you have money. You either have a job working for someone else, or you have your own business that provides goods or services to others. You have financial resources with which you make decisions how they are allocated each month. This is where most folks miss it. Instead of putting together a plan for how to use these resources, most people simply let money flow out of their hands.

Put together a list of what you spend money on each month. Account for every dollar that comes out of your pocket. Categorize each family need into a basic list that is easily understood (to name just a few):

– gasoline

– clothing

– groceries

– car repair

– home repair

Be sure to write down all debts as well (i.e. car payment, mortgage, hospital, etc.). The list you develop should account for everything you spend money on, and is the beginnings of a rudimentary budget. Don’t forget to write down all those little trips to the convenience store for soda and cheese puffs. Aha, caught you!

The goal here is to let reality sink in, and see what is money is being spent on. Be sure to have some pillows on the floor to cushion you when you fall out of the chair. Most people just shell out the money now, and cannot remember later what it went for. Been there, done that, I admit it.

Squeeze each expense category to free up money that can be used on debt elimination. Using the light (the finances) that are already available, simply take the focusing power of the magnifying glass and apply that to each debt. What is the magnifying glass? It is our willingness to focus existing resources to accomplish the task at hand. If you’re sold out on debt elimination, then it does not take long to get the job done. Look here, would you rather focus the family completely on this effort for a couple of years and be 100% debt free, or drag things out for twenty or thirty years and be continually lacking and frustrated? The decision is entirely up to you. Get started now so you can enjoy life. You cannot really enjoy life when you’re weighted down by the heavy chains of debt. It is not even possible!

Once the first debt is gone, simply refocus the light to the next target. Your magnifying glass will be larger on each subsequent effort than it was the previous because you have more resources available. The larger lens captures more light and puts it to work. Very soon, you’ll be using a huge magnifying glass that will vaporize debts with amazing speed! As money comes along that you were not counting on (it will come), simply apply it to your debt. Go ahead and spend a little on something special for you and your family, but take a big hunk of it and put it on the debt. The faster you get out of debt, the faster you can move into what you really want to do in life. As soon as the last debt (typically the mortgage) is paid off, focus those same funds you were pushing on the debt into investments. It won’t take long to amass a huge investment portfolio when you’re focused like that!

Now you can really start having fun! You are debt free, which means you are free to make decisions that others only dream about. You can actually run, jump, and turn somersaults without those accursed chains holding you down. You used the power of focus to eliminate your debt, rapidly. It was available to you all the time, but you did not know about it. Now use that same focus to make the most with your time, money, and vision to help others accomplish the same thing in their lives. Take what you’ve learned and help others. They’re waiting for you.

Rick Boynton and his wife Linda pioneered the “radical approach” to debt elimination. While many debt counselors advocate the wife working outside the home, the Boyntons show how the “stay-at-home-mother” actually multiplies, or leverages the husband’s income. Together, they wrote a book called “Radical Debt Elimination”, which leads families step-by-step through the complete debt elimination process. Not only does this book deal with the obvious financial problems, but it also addresses the deeper issues that caused the problems in the first place.